Registration Child’s World

  • Early registration for the upcoming year begins in October for Child’s World families
  • Open registration for the upcoming year begins in November
  • A non-refundable registration fee which is credited toward tuition is due upon registration.

Registration is accepted in late autumn (October/November) for classes that begin in the following September. A child must be of age by December 1st of the new school year in order to begin a program in the September of that year. For example, a child must be 3 years of age by December 1st to enroll in a 3 year old program for September. If the child is not turning 3 by December, he or she must enroll in the two year old program.

New York State requires a medical form to be on file for each child prior to the first day of school. These medical forms must be completed by your child’s physician and must be renewed annually. No child can be admitted without a form on file. It is mandatory that all children be up to date with their inoculations.

Emergency phone numbers, including cell numbers, are required for our file in case parents need to be contacted but can not be reached at home or work. In addition to parents’ home or work number, three additional emergency numbers are required.

Children are not required to be potty-trained for entry into CWNS.

Application for Enrollment